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Frosted Fir and Fig Milk

Scent notes: Fir Balsam, Fig Milk, Musk

Close your eyes, and imagine sun-kissed citrus, a playful symphony of tangerine and grapefruit, their laughter dancing on your senses. It's the scent of angel wings dipped in golden light, a taste of forbidden orchards bathed in morning dew.
As you wander deeper, the heart unfolds with the whisper of fig, its honeyed sweetness tinged with a verdant whisper of fir balsam. It's the rustle of forbidden knowledge, the intoxicating breath of ancient groves, a poem spoken in leaves and sap.
And finally, the base reveals its hidden wisdom. Musk, a silken touch of sensuality, wraps around you like a whispered prayer. Cedarwood, its strength both comforting and intriguing, grounds you in the earthy reality of this hidden garden. It's the touch of eternity on your skin, a reminder that paradise resides not only in the heavens, but in every breath you take.

Approx 60 hours of fragrance, 55g e.

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