Gingerbread House

Scent notes: Ginger, sugar, vanilla, caramel

Imagine the first kiss of frost on the air, spiced with the exhilarating tang of ginger. It's a playful nip on the nose, a wake-up call to indulge in the season's vibrant spirit.
But ginger isn't the only player on this winter stage. As the scent unfolds, a luxurious melody of sugar joins the dance. It's the sound of crackling fireplaces and spun caramels, a whispered promise of cozy nights under twinkling lights.
Vanilla waltzes in, its creamy sweetness softening the ginger's fiery edge. It's a decadent swirl of frosting on gingerbread houses, a warm embrace that melts away the winter chill. Finally, caramel glides onto the scene, its rich, golden depth adding a touch of sophisticated indulgence.

Approx 60 hours of fragrance, 55g e.

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