Scent notes: Citrus, Rose and Jasmine, base notes of Musk.

First, a flourish of citrus. Zingy lemons and sparkling limes pirouette on your nose, their zestful melody a burst of sunshine on a crisp morning. This isn't your average citrus, mind you. This is a citrus sonata, infused with an unexpected depth that promises intrigue.
Then, the roses bloom. Not your grandmother's rose, oh no. This is a modern muse, her velvet petals unfolding with a sensual whisper. Jasmine twines around her, a sweet counterpoint to the rose's rich allure. They dance together, a graceful embrace that fills the air with a whisper of forbidden gardens and moonlit rendezvous.
But the stage is not yet set. The scent deepens, descends into an opulent musk. Rich amber shimmers like moonlight on desert sand, its warmth intoxicating and alluring. Vanilla adds a touch of sweetness, a decadent whisper against the musk's primal growl.

Strength rating: +++
55g e.

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