Beaches of Donaghadee


Scent notes: Sea Salt, Jasmine, Driftwood

Escape to the 'Beacon on the Coast' with this soy wax snap bar.
The cool ocean breeze off the Irish Sea whips your hair, carrying the salty tang of the sea and the earthy scent of driftwood. This beautiful soy wax snap bar captures that invigorating experience, bringing the essence of the beach right into your home. As the wax melts, breathe in the crisp ocean air, and the calming rhythm of the waves lapping at the shore.
Don't just dream of a coastal escape, bring Donaghadee's unique charm right into your home with this luxurious soy wax snap bar. Let the fragrance work its magic and transform your space into a haven of tranquility, all inspired by the unforgettable beauty of Donaghadee.

Strength rating: +

Approx 55g e

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