Cashmere and Sandalwood

Scent notes: Cashmere and Sandalwood

Indulge in pure comfort and sophistication with Cashmere & Sandalwood, a wax melt that evokes the feeling of sinking into a plush armchair by a crackling fireplace.
The creamy warmth of cashmere: Imagine soft, luxurious cashmere enveloping you like a gentle hug, its comforting fibers laced with the faintest whisper of wood smoke.
The rich aroma of sandalwood: A deep, woody fragrance reminiscent of ancient temples and precious oils, grounding you in tranquility and exuding timeless elegance.
A velvety embrace of powdery musk: Like the lingering echo of a luxurious perfume, musky notes add a touch of sensuality and depth, making the fragrance truly unforgettable.
A hint of geranium's floral whisper: A delicate touch of geranium adds a touch of freshness and floral sweetness, preventing the scent from becoming overly heavy.

Strength rating: +++

Approx 55g

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