Christmas Feeling


Scent notes: Suede, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk

Forget sugar plums and gingerbread, this Christmas, indulge in a fragrance that twirls like velvet skirts and sparks like firelight. Close your eyes, and imagine stepping into a grand ballroom adorned with flickering candles and glittering ornaments.
A caress of soft suede, its luxurious touch reminiscent of antique armchairs warmed by the glow of the hearth. Sandalwood joins the dance, its rich, woody aroma swirling like the scent of a thousand Christmases past.
And then, patchouli's intoxicating whisper, dark and alluring, adds a touch of the unexpected, like a mischievous glint in Santa's eyeVelvet and amber embrace you, their intoxicating sweetness a reminder of gingerbread kisses and spiced mulled wine. And nestled within this opulent hug, a touch of sophistication blooms. Regal iris, its purple whispers tinged with honeyed sweetness, dances with the earthiness of musk and the gentle grace of violet.
Apx 60 hours of fragrance, 55g

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