Top notes: Eucalyptus, Sage, Citrus.

With every breath, you'll step into a world where crisp eucalyptus invigorates your mind, like sunlight dappling through ancient leaves. Calming sage washes over you, its earthy sweetness a balm for the soul.

But then, citrus bursts onto the scene, like laughter carried on the breeze. Tangy, vibrant, it tickles your senses and lifts your spirits, a playful counterpoint to the sage's wisdom. juniper berries whisper secrets of the forest, their smoky sweetness grounding you in nature's embrace.

As the scent unfolds, woods unfurl their rich tapestry, warm and alluring, a promise of crackling fires and whispered stories. And there, a whisper of spearmint, a sweet kiss of coolness that lingers on the exhale, leaving you refreshed and alive.

Strength rating: ++

55g e.

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