Seasonal Scent

Scent notes: Spiced organe, clove, cinnamon

There, the fiery whisper of cinnamon, its spice tingling on your nose like sparks from the Yule log.
Clove, its rich, heady aroma, joins the dance, a bittersweet counterpoint to the cinnamon's fire. It's the taste of mulled wine and spiced cookies, the scent of ancient carols sung by candlelight, the comfort of traditions passed down through generations.
And then, the orange waltzes in, a burst of sunshine amidst the wintry spices. It's the tang of pomanders and the sweetness of candied peels, the laughter of children building snowmen, the joyous anticipation of gifts nestled beneath the tree.

Approx 60 hours of fragrance, 55g e.

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