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Silver Birch and Cinnamon Leaf


Scent notes: Silverbirch, Cinnamon Leaf

Embrace the dance of frost and fire with this captivating fragrance. Imagine yourself wrapped in a cashmere scarf, standing beneath a silver birch grove dusted with moonlight. The sharp, invigorating air carries the whisper of crisp birch leaves, their metallic tang tingling your senses.
But nestled within this icy embrace, a secret blooms. A single winter rose, its petals blushing faintly pink against the snow, unfurls a fragrance that is both delicate and defiant. As you draw closer, a fresh whisper washes over you. Freesias and muguet, their dainty bells bursting with spring's promise, paint the air with a vibrant counterpoint to the winter's chill.
But winter isn't ready to relinquish its hold just yet. A warmth creeps in, subtle at first, like the sun kissing frost-covered fields. A hint of cinnamon leaf, its spicy sweetness dancing with the floral heart, promises cozy evenings by the fire.

Approx 60 hours of burn time, 55g e.

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