Winter Warmer


Scent notes: Frankincense and Rosewater

Imagine an ancient fireplace crackling, its embers glowing like rubies against a backdrop of velvet shadows. That's the essence of frankincense, its smoky whisper curling through the air, carrying tales of long-forgotten secrets and whispered prayers. It's the scent of cozy nights by the fire, of family gathered close, and stories shared under a starlit sky.
But frankincense, in its solitary grandeur, needs a companion. And so, rosewater joins the waltz, its delicate petals unfurling with a timeless grace. It's not your grandmother's rose; this is a modern muse, her whisper tinged with honeyed sweetness and a touch of playful citrus. Together, they paint the scent with a tapestry of light and shadow, a warm embrace that lingers on the skin like a cherished memory.
Feel the frankincense settle into your bones, its warmth chasing away the chill. Let the rosewater dance on your senses, a balm against winters bite.

Apr. 20+ hours burn time

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