Autumn Leaves

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Scent notes: Lily, Gardenia, Cassis, Sandalwood.

Embark on an olfactive odyssey: Where citrus meets magic, East kisses West, an Oriental dream.
Imagine sun-drenched orchards, Mandarin oranges bursting with juicy sweetness. Their vibrant zest dances with the delicate whisper of lily, a cool counterpoint to the heady embrace of gardenia and white flowers. This isn't your grandma's floral; it's a modern muse, spiced with a touch of the exotic.
But the journey deepens. A peppery whisper ignites the heart, a subtle heat that awakens your senses. Ripe peach and frankincense join the dance, their sweetness laced with the smoky allure of tobacco. Cassis, plum, raspberry, and pear add a burst of juicy depth.
And then, the base unfolds. Patchouli's earthy embrace, rich and grounding, anchors the fragrance like ancient roots. Sandalwood adds a touch of creamy warmth, while amber shimmers like moonlight on desert sands.

Approx 60hr of fragrance, 55g e.

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