Sweet Cinnamon


Scent notes: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Sugar

Forget fleeting sweetness, this fragrance is a slow-burning ember, a symphony of spice that dances on your senses and whispers tales of cozy winter nights.

Cinnamon, its fiery tendrils, curl around your nose, a comforting warmth that chases away the chill. It's the laughter of children building snowmen, the crackle of logs in the fireplace, the promise of hot cocoa nestled in your hands.

Nutmeg joins the waltz, its delicate whisper adding a touch of intrigue to the cinnamon's bold embrace. It's the scent of gingerbread houses and spiced cookies, the whisper of secret recipes passed down through generations, the comfort of tradition baked into every golden crumb.

Then, a sprinkle of sugar dances across your tongue, a playful counterpoint to the warm spices. It's the sparkle of frost on windowpanes, the glimmer of fairy lights on a Christmas tree, the sweetness of anticipation lingering.

Approx 60hr of fragrance, 55g e.

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